Volunteers for \’Balance\’ at the Royal Adelaide Show

Supporters and Volunteers


Months of planning and work have gone into creating ‘Balance’, with particular thanks to my husband Richard who created the giant pumpkin and the green wall frame, and to my handman Erik Johannson who converted the two containers and built the pergolas and other wooden props. While Rich is a whizz with all things metal, he admits he doesn’t get wood, since if you cut it too short you cant just weld it back on to fix it. So, a few years ago when I asked Erik (who used to do work in my nursery 30 years ago) to help with any general building or anything to do with wood at Sophie’s Patch, Richard was relieved …………… and so was I!? 😉

All my kids have been involved in making props and setting up the garden, and I owe them huge thanks too. The props and indoor plants were finished on the Monday, and then there were three big days when the rest of the plants go in. This would not have been possible without the support of an amazing group of volunteers, some of whom I know through Carrick Hill http://www.carrickhill.sa.gov.au/ as they are part of its volunteers group, the Carrick Hill Garden Gnomes. 

A Massive Thankyou

I need to say a massive thankyou to all those involved in helping me create this feature garden. From Amanda Stewart at Barrow and Bench who supplied, styled and installed the indoor plants and pots which made the home office and lounge come to life; to the members of the Horticulture committee who invite me to create a garden each year (and don’t seem to panic when I come up with my over the top concepts!?), and the staff at the showgrounds who work with me to set up and pack down, and keep everything happy and alive during the show. Then there are all the volunteers who come in and help me install the plants for three days prior to the event and then pull them out afterwards. These days are full and physical, yet we have lots of laughs. Pack down actually starts at 6pm on the last night of the show and we work in the hall till around 10 or 11pm to get the plants sorted ready for the giant plant sale which happens after the show. These volunteers are amazing, with many hailing from Carrick Hill’s Garden Gnomes, and there is no way I could do it without their help. Volunteers really do make the world go round.

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