sheet mulching finished

Sheet Mulching

This is a great way to create a weed free garden area which can later be planted, and if done properly, it is very effective. It is an ideal way to prepare bare ground for future planting, for making a new vegetable garden or for converting part of the front lawn into a garden bed. […]

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Snails and Slugs

One of the main pests at Sophie’s Patch at this time of year are snails, although there are a few slugs too. Not only do we have the common garden snails, but two types of white Italian snails. These tiny creatures are in very large numbers here and in many other rural areas. They can

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The first day of winter marked the first significant frost this season at Sophie’s Patch and there have been more since then. Prior to this there had been some minor frosts in lower areas of the garden but last weeks finished off my summer crops. Frost can wreak absolute havoc on plants that are not

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beetle on green leaf

Elm Leaf Beetle

Elm leaf beetle Whilst this pest is not a problem at Sophie’s Patch, I see people all over struggling with it and I feel I want to help point out the options available to control or at least manage it.  You may not have this problem in your garden, however you may struggle with another

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rose arch over timber pergola

Pruning Climbing Roses

There are two main groups when it comes to climbing roses – those that only flower once in spring and those that repeat flower from spring till autumn. Spring flowering roses Spring-flowering roses include old-fashioned favourites such as Dorothy Perkins, Albertine and the banksia rose.  These are not pruned now, but rather after they finish

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