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Rose Pruning

Rose pruning Many years ago, my mother told me a story about a public rose pruning demonstration with three esteemed rose gurus.  It was held on a weekend in a public rose garden and she watched how each of them pruned their roses.  Each of them had their own special of doing it and some

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retractable shadecloth

Summer Shade

As the weather warms up and we spend more time outside in the garden, entertaining, pottering in the garden or just watching the kids play, the need for shade becomes very evident. Options for shade include natural shade created by plants and artificial shade created by shade cloth, umbrellas or sails. Natural Shade Trees As

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wisteria first blooms

Wonderous Wisteria

In spring, my favourite climbing plant is without question wisteria.  The sight of the massed purple flower is breath taking and the scent of the blooms almost intoxicating.  Yet this climber can be feared for its potential vigour, with many examples of old specimens that have not been maintained running rampant in gardens across Adelaide. 

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butterfly decoys

Cabbage White Butterflies

Understand your pests I regularly encourage gardeners to actively plant and garden to encourage butterflies and my garden is filled with delightful butterflies which flit about and delight us. However, there is one butterfly that I don’t appreciate and that is the cabbage white butterfly. It lays its caterpillars on many of my vegies and

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Harlequin bugs

Harlequin Bugs

These sap-sucking insects are black and red or black and orange and while a few don’t hurt, they can cause damage when they are in great numbers. They can cause new growth to wilt and die when they suck a plant’s sap. They can also suck the sap of fruit such as tomatoes and cause

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