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Garlic plant

Grow Your Own Garlic

Garlic is easy to grow and deserves a place in your vegie patch, or even in your ornamental garden. With growing concern over the quality, growing conditions and chemical treatment of the readily available, imported garlic, more and more gardeners are having a go at growing their own. Even apart from the questionable inputs when

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Mandevilla and Chinese Star over front porch

Summer Scents

If there is one group of plants that I love the most, it is probably those with scented flowers (I’ll stop quickly before I think too much, or it will be those with colourful flowers, those that provide shade or those that feed us!?). While I am aware of many scents during the day, it

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Malabar spinach

Favourite Vertical Veggies

As published in the Weekender Herald on 24th January and 31st January 2019 with additional images. I am an obsessive-compulsive gardener who is addicted to growing things, especially vegies. Blessed to have a large vegie patch of my own, I like to try different crops and different ways of growing things. As many gardeners have

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Rose Pruning

Rose pruning Many years ago, my mother told me a story about a public rose pruning demonstration with three esteemed rose gurus.  It was held on a weekend in a public rose garden and she watched how each of them pruned their roses.  Each of them had their own special of doing it and some

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Jerusalem Artichoke

Growing Jerusalem Artichoke This June I have also dug up the Jerusalem artichoke or sunchoke bed and have a wheelbarrow full of these amazing knobbly root vegies from a bed of several square metres. They are best harvested when the plants due down over winter and ideally after good frosts to get the best flavour.

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retractable shadecloth

Summer Shade

As the weather warms up and we spend more time outside in the garden, entertaining, pottering in the garden or just watching the kids play, the need for shade becomes very evident. Options for shade include natural shade created by plants and artificial shade created by shade cloth, umbrellas or sails. Natural Shade Trees As

Summer Shade Read More »

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