The final open garden at Sophie’s Patch…

Was a resounding success with new visitors, repeat visitors, friends and gardeners sharing the garden, information, listening to Costa and enjoying lunch.

If you came along you may find yourself in these photos taken by Darren Clements for Sophie during the open garden.

And if you couldn’t come they will give you a taste of the event.

Easter Saturday Photos

Easter Sunday Photos

Easter Monday Photos

Attending Nurseries

Supporting organisations

Partnering with local charities

Sophie partners with local community groups and charities to organise the parking.  In the past few years, Local Rotary Clubs have managed visitor parking to raise money for their chosen charities including “Operation Flinders’.

What happened in previous open gardens?

Open gardens at Sophie’s Patch are more than just demonstrating sustainable gardening practices that I am always preaching, they are more like a fair or community event focused on community education.  Every open garden is different at Sophie’s Patch as the garden grows, different speakers and groups join, amazing sculptures are built and the garden evolves.