Saturday 6 | Sunday 7 | Monday 8 November 2021

What to expect?

Spring Open Garden at Sophie’s Patch runs from the 6th to the 8th November from 10am to 4.30pm. This is an opportunity to visit an iconic drylands garden which provides inspiration, delight and learning opportunities for gardeners and want to be gardeners at every turn.

It is also an opportunity to enjoy great food incorporating Sophie’s Patch produce, shop from exceptional nurseries, learn from environmental groups who attend and have a fun day out on your own, with friends and with family.


Tickets are $15 over 13 years, $5 aged 5-12 years and Free under 5. For COVID tracing Every person needed to have a ticket including babies. 



Refunds for covid related situations such as border closures, sickness, quarantine will be offered for entrance tickets up to the day prior to the event.

Refunds for food tickets are offered up to seven days prior to the event.


The societies that regularly attend are the Beekeepers’ Society of SA, Birds SA and Butterfly Conservation SA. They are staffed by volunteers who are passionate and knowledable and love to share information and experiences.

Nurseries and Garden Art

Hillside Herbs and Succulents, Tupelo Grove Nursery and Bickleigh Vale Organic Farm and Recreate from Mt Pleasant will all be along again this Spring. Sophie’s Art is also for sale and makes fantastic Christmas presents.

Kids Activities

Saturday 6th Nature Craft with Kate Hubmayer

Sunday 7th | Botanical Prints with Recreate

One of the things that delights me at our Sophie’s Patch Open Gardens is seeing families with children exploring my garden. When we started here, my five kids were aged between 4 and 10 and the garden was designed to be a fun place to explore, play and ‘just be’. We have also always had lots of animals, however these may well have been for my enjoyment, as much as theirs!? Some features such as the sandpit may have been replaced, however many like the treehouse and log spiral remain and continue to delight little visitors.

All visitors get a map and little ones also get a colouring in version to take home, and I love seeing kids check out the map intently, as if looking for treasure. We are also excited to be offering free kids activities on Saturday 6th with Kate Hubmayer @naturecraftsforkids making seed collages and on Sunday 7th Faye McGoldrick and the team @recreatecommunity doing botanical prints from flowers and leaves.

Delicious Food

Sweets – Cake Tasting Boxes

There are also sweet tasting boxes featuring three of our famous yummy Sophie’s Patch Cakes which may include:

New Guinea bean, chocolate zucchini marble cake, pumpkin cake, and plum slice. 

Spring Harvest Power Bowl

Roasted spring vegetables, ancient seeds and grains, fresh mesclun, creamy fetta and roasted beetroot labneh.

Served with Falafel and Foccaccia

GF Option will not have Foccaccia

COVID changes

For Open Gardens and to work in with COVID guidelines we now take prepaid bookings in advance to manage numbers and you will also be able to prepay your choice of food if you want to be guaranteed home grown produce from the vegie garden and orchard at Sophie’s Patch.  

Information Points

New to this open garden will be information points where you can use your QR code and mobile phone to listen to me talking about things of interest at different parts of the garden.

We also have garden specialists volunteering at the Open Garden to answer questions and the nurseries who are the experts.

Garden Art

We always have a range of our own creations such as butterflies, bees and dragon flies and the new ladybirds which featured in Balance at the Royal Show. Our newest garden art features the geese that are have become symbolic of Sophie’s Patch

Recreate – Run by the Mt Pleasant Natural Resource Centre, they are a regular feature at our Open Gardens and we are delighted to have them back. They create the most amazing things for the home and garden including incredible garden art, all from recycled materials.

No dogs…

two checky children with no dogs sign


Sherlock is our wonderful guard dog, flock protector, friend and family pet.  He is a breed called a Mareema, bred to protect stock from predators and to be intensely loyal to, and protective of, his family.

Sherlock is true to his breeding and we ask that visitors do not bring other dogs to our property.  Visiting dogs will unnecessarily cause Sherlock stress as he feels the need to protect his flock and family from them.

Your support is much appreciated.

Partnering with local charities

Sophie partners with local community groups and charities to organise the parking.  In the past few years, Local Rotary Clubs have managed visitor parking to raise money for their chosen charities including “Operation Flinders’.

What happened in previous open gardens?

Open gardens at Sophie’s Patch are more than just demonstrating sustainable gardening practices that I am always preaching, they are more like a fair or community event focused on community education.  Every open garden is different at Sophie’s Patch as the garden grows, different speakers and groups join, amazing sculptures are built and the garden evolves.