Want to learn more about which native food plants will grow and thrive in your garden and how to use them in your kitchen?

Learn from pioneers of native food production in Australia, Mike and Gayle Quarmby. I filmed a Gardening Australia story with Mike and Gayle when they operated a large native food commercial production nursery at Reedy Creek in the South East. This nursery operated in conjunction with the philanthropic Outback Pride Project they started in 2001 with the aim to support Indigenous communities to enter the native food industry. Mike and Gayle, together with the Outback Pride Project, were the major commercial supply chain of unique native foods to restaurants, events and manufacturers.

Now semi-retired to a domestic block in the Adelaide Hills, Mike and Gayle are just as passionate about the relevance, ethical and environmental sustainability of Australian Native Foods.

Gayle will tell the story, Mike will give the plant knowledge and do a cooking class.

All participants will go home with one of each of Mike’s specially selected male and female native pepper plants.  

Tasmania lanceolate Native Pepper is an alpine cool habit plant that can bring spice to your garden with a little extra love.  The male and female are planted together in a large pot or barrel, in a spot protected from the hot north wind and given extra water in extreme heat.  They will reward you with spicy  & nutrient rich berries and leaves.   Mike will cook with both native leaf and berry and talk about adapting  Aussie Natives into your  home garden.

To get a taste of their knowledge watch https://www.abc.net.au/gardening/factsheets/home-grown/10393114

The day will include morning tea and a garden tour of Sophie’s Patch.

Numbers are limited so get in early.

We are monitoring the COVID 19 pandemic situation and the governments health advice closely and will follow all directions.

At this stage we expect to be able to run this event, however if this changes we will of course refund your tickets.