Treat yourself at Sophie’s Patch.

We offer special, custom designed nature craft nurturing events for small groups which include a garden tour, morning or afternoon tea and nature craft activities.

Join Sophie on a personally guided tour of the property where she explains why she thinks gardens and gardening is vital to support us physically, mentally and emotionally, especially during hard times. See first hand the results of her passion and belief in organic and sustainable gardening principles.

The photos below are from a special event held for the rural women’s organization, Women of the Land.


Be inspired by the forms, patterns and beauty of nature to create your own unique mandala. Experience the meditative and relaxing quality of arranging leaves, flowers, seeds and seedpods into a stunning piece of ephemeral art.

Seed pod creations

Let your imagination and creativity run wild! Use a wide variety of seedpods, seeds, leaves and feathers and low-melt glue guns to create your own real or imaginary creatures. Guaranteed fun, whatever your age!

Rope Making

Learn to twist your own rope and discover its many uses in the garden, home and for basket making.

Seed Mosaic

Celebrate the fascinating diversity of seeds! Design and create your own unique and beautiful seed mosaic using an array of colourful seeds.

This day includes morning tea or coffee with delicious home cooked cakes made from produce grown in Sophie’s garden.

Images from 2020 Women of the Land Event