I had the opportunity to show The Hon. David Speirs, Minister for the Environment and Water, the Parndana Community Garden. It was a grant from that department that was seed funding for all the bushfire garden recovery stuff we have done on the Island. Community gardens are about so much more than growing food. They help grow strong, healthy, connected and resilient communities. This community garden is an amazing example of that. I was also very excited to introduce him to some of the community members who are involved in the garden and those who are ensuring it continues to support those who need it.

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to make it on the day he visited, and in particular, the garden guardians, Denis and Maree Perkins, were away. It may have been my idea, but they have been the ones, visiting almost daily to keep the garden growing so well with their attention and love, and while they were not present, they were with us in spirit.