14th March 2021 1.30 -5pm

15th March 9.30 – 1pm


17 April 2021

9.30 – 12.30pm


Looking to develop your own piece of paradise but not sure where to start? 

Come to this workshop to learn the fundamentals of creating your perfect sustainable property and understand how to develop a masterplan ensuring success.

This extended workshop will cover zoning concepts to help you manage water use and create microclimates for more enjoyable living, the basics of soil improvement, optimal planting times, work out where to locate productive patches such as vegie gardens and fruit trees, incorporate fowls, bees and beneficial bugs…… and much more.

It is this experience of creating my own garden from a bare paddock over the last eight and a half years, with summer temperatures often hotter than Adelaide, and six to seven months of frosts (down to minus 5 degrees)  that gives me the hands-on experience to run this workshop.

I will use examples from my own garden to showcase how these principles have been used in a harsh environment successfully.

Come along with your notebook and burning questions relating to developing your own garden and I will endeavour to weave in answers as I go.