Spring 2020

The reGrowth Garden Recovery project continues and over the past month, I have been able to facilitate some very generous donations to assist the fire affected gardeners of both the Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island. There have been 4 pallets of potting media from Van Shaik’s Bio Gro (http://www.biogro.com.au/) and 600 bare rooted roses from Wagner’s Roses Nursery (https://www.wagnersrosenursery.com.au/) delivered, half to the Hills and half to the Island. These are both very sizeable donations which have brought so much joy and hope. They are sincerely appreciated, especially considering the circumstances this year when there has been such a demand for potting media and plant life and manufacturers and nurseries can’t keep up with demand, the kindness and generosity of Bio Gro and Wagner’s Rose Nursery is wonderful.

The Mt Barker Men’s Shed (https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Community-Organization/Mount-Barker-Mens-Shed-431161280579359/ ) has also completed some outdoor furniture for the Community Garden at the Kingscote Community Centre (https://sacommunity.org/org/217551-Kangaroo_Island_Community_Services_Centre ) and that has been kindly taken across by Ugly Dog Transport (https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Cargo—Freight-Company/Ugly-Dog-Transport-1585147238266835/) . The Men’s shed started this donation project back in February but then COVID hit before it could be completed, so now they are back in operation, they were able to finish it off. It looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see it in position in the community garden next time I am over there.

Once these items were donated, there were hours of work for President of the Kangaroo Island Garden Club, Anne Morrison and her volunteers. They have given lots of the potting media away to fire affected gardeners who are growing on their own plants and they also used it to pot on any leftover tube stock and roses which will be grown on for people who are not yet ready to replant. In the Adelaide Hills, volunteers at Recreate at Mt Pleasant (http://mountpleasant.sa.au/our-community/community-groups/natural-resource-centre/recreate/ ) and Linda Keen from Adelaide Hills Garden Revival (https://www.facebook.com/Adelaide-Hills-Garden-Revival-102067804671996 ) also helped to heel the roses in sawdust donated by SA Sawdust Sales (https://www.sasawdust.com.au/). They then labelled and distributed the roses, which is a massive task. These roses may have been bare rooted, however they were very strong two years old plants and will be looking full and blooming late in spring, which I am sure will bring joy to the hearts of everyone who has planted them.

Heritage Roses Australia (https://www.heritageroses.org.au/ ) have also donated a number of potted and bare rooted roses to both communities.

I continue to work in the background to assist these gardeners as they rebuild and regrow and have been arranging to do another series of garden talks in the Adelaide Hills and on Kangaroo Island. The dates have yet to be confirmed but I expect it will be before the end of October, so stay turned via reGrowth Garden Recovery on Facebook and on Instagram for more details when they are sorted

Spring 2020 Donations