VIP preview

The night before the Royal Show opens each year, we always have a short preview of my show garden for VIPs, and to thank suppliers and supporters who help make the garden possible. This year I decided to use some of my stored pumpkins and excess produce to cater this event and the chef we regularly work with at Sophie’s Patch, Heather Hristovski did an amazing job serving delicious pumpkin soup and pumpkin scones with tomatillo and pie melon jam. Our early frosts in autumn meant my pumpkin vines were killed a month earlier than I would have expected. The pumpkins which hadn’t had a chance to harden up were then subjected to a 30 plus degree day a few days after the frost, and at the time I suspected that my pumpkins may not store as well or long as they would normally. My hunch has been confirmed and even though I still have plenty in the cellar, I have had a lot more losses than normal. So, using a bulk amount to cater for 80 people seemed like a great idea. It was a great event and heather’s cooking was fabulous. Heather’s cooking demos at our open gardens are always very popular and she is again doing them each day at our Spring Open Garden so make sure you catch her then.