Sophie has been facilitating planting and native bee bnb building days along the River Torrens Linear Park as part of an exciting project providing habitat, food and education about the critical role native bees play in our environment.

The builds have been enormously successful as well as great fun for all involved, and leave a lasting educational and information resource encouraging everyone to create native bee habitat in their own back yard.

More information is available here. 

Learn more about native bees and how important they are here.

Check out the build days for each council area below.  Next time you are riding or walking along the Linear Park see if you can spot any of the hotels, and any of the native bees that live in them.

City of Charles Sturt


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City of Adelaide

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City of Tea Tree Gully

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City of Port Adelaide Enfield

native bee hotel with builders

Campbelltown City Council

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City of Norwood Payneham and St Peters

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City of West Torrens

More about Native Bees….