Each year in December I think of resolutions and goals for my garden.  Some are achieved, some drop off and some morph into something new.  So for 2018 here are my new year garden resolutions.  What are yours?

Garden resolutions

  1. Spend more time in my garden
  2. Plant more vegies each month to keep a continuous supply of my staples – in particular Asian greens, lettuces, spring onions and coriander. I had this as my goal several years ago and it worked really well, however this past year I got so busy I missed several months throughout the year.  Time to get back on track.
  3. Keep on top of frost protection of my summer vegies in early spring – this spring a late frost caught me by surprise on the one night when I forgot to cover things up.
  4. Keep on top of the snails – this year they devastated my seedlings when I wasn’t looking!?

Goals for 2018

  1. Net the orchard – it is in the pipeline.
  2. Erect the poly house on the northern  end of the shed (that was actually my goal for 2017, so just moving it on a year!?) before winter gets here.
  3. Get another railway carriage as my potting shed so I can complete the area below the future poly house, north of the shed. I have the site leveled and the garden around it planned, but just haven’t found the carriage!?
  4. Get a watering system for the areas of the garden that get watered. Up until now, apart from the vegie garden and the orchard, I have watered by moving wobbler sprinklers around, and due to low pipe size and low pressure, I have been able to only use one sprinkler at a time. We have just installed a bigger feeder pipe to get water around the garden and so now I can have several sprinklers on at once. What luxury! Now to automate.