Avoid insecticides

To keep these creatures happy in your wildlife friendly garden, keep your pets from harming them and garden organically, without using insecticides.

More Information

In my Royal Show feature garden ‘Habitat’ I hope to demonstrate what a wildlife friendly garden could look like and while it is not possible to have the actual creatures in a display garden I have representations of each of these creatures next to a demonstration of what attracts them.

For further information visit http://www.naturalresources.sa.gov.au/adelaidemtloftyranges/plants-and-animals/native-plants-animals-and-biodiversity/urban-biodiversity


When creating a wildlife friendly garden, it is important to include local indigenous plants, however it was not possible to source these in large sizes for the purposes of creating this Royal Show feature garden. So instead, I have chosen a wide variety of native and exotic plants and it is their diversity which would offer habitat, shelter and food for urban wildlife.