Attracting lizards to your garden requires you to create shelter for them, allowing them to scurry along the ground out of sight of predators.

lizard in hand

Do this by densely planting low growing shrubs, groundcovers or grasses, applying a thick layer of mulch, and leaving leaves and twigs on the ground.  Hollow logs, piles of rocks or old ceramic pipes are great too and also provide a place for these reptiles to hibernate in the cooler weather.

Lizards like low flat hard surfaces which absorb heat, such as rocks or paving, to sun themselves on, however they want shelter nearby in case they have to duck for cover.

Like most other creatures, lizards need water on a hot day so leave a low bowl of water accessible to them.

Lizards like blue tongues are great garden guardians as they love to eat snails, however they may also pinch a few strawberries and any low lying tomatoes. I think it is worth sharing!

royal adelaide show habitat garden detail