Frogs are an indicator of a healthy ecosystem.  A great way to attract frogs into your garden is to build a pond or ‘frog bog’.  Think about where best to place it and possibly keep it away from bedroom windows as they can be rather vocal at night.

frog on tapEven small ponds are effective as frogs need water to be able to lay their eggs, with the tadpoles growing in the water before emerging as frogs.  If you have goldfish in the pond they will often eat the frog eggs unless there is enough vegetation to hide the eggs from harm, however small native fish are less likely to eat the frog eggs or tadpoles.  The frogs themselves tend to live in the surrounding garden areas, sheltering among dense vegetation where it is moist or under rocks piles for protection.

Keeping your garden mulched is not only good for your plants, it creates an environment where frogs can shelter and eat the insects which also live there.

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