Gardens for kids shouldn’t be too serious – they need to embrace a sense of fun.

dreamcatcher made of organic materialsI believe they should invite kids (and you) to explore them, with wooden stepping stones and balancing logs and surfaces such as sawdust which are soft and kind underfoot.

According to Nature Play SA research shows that only “1 in 3 children has ever planted or cared for a garden” showing an astounding disconnect between the current generation of children and what is one of the most important life skills. Research also shows that “The average Australian child has 5 hours a day of screen time yet only 2 hours of green time”, even though countless studies tell us that time outside makes children healthier, happier, more focused, more creative, more generous and, of course, better environmental stewards.

I strongly believe creating a backyard where children can have fun, enjoy free play, connect with nature and learn to grow some of their own food is sowing a seed for their future health, well-being and happiness, and the future health of the planet.