‘Let Your Imagination Grow Wild’ at the 2016 Royal Adelaide Show

This year my feature garden is called ‘Let Your Imagination Grow Wild’ and is designed to get you thinking, talking and dreaming. And most importantly, get you outside in your garden ………..gardening!

 2016 conceptST_podThere are two main garden areas – one which is very relatable and applicable to most garden spaces, whatever their size.  It is a place where you could imagine yourself relaxing and just ‘being’, at one with the beauty of the surrounding lush plants.  Its central feature is as woven sun lounge made from willow and vine prunings, which I have named a ‘Snugglepod’.  This is a great place to curl up with a child or pet, a good book or just a great place for an afternoon snooze.

woven ballsSurrounding the Snugglepod are a number of raised vegie beds filled with luscious vegetables and herbs.  Raised vegetable gardens suit those of all ages and the ones featured here have seating around them to make them accessible for the elderly or those with back problems.  The purpose of the vegie beds is obvious and resonates with the growing interest in producing our own seasonal fresh produce.  The five beds are planted as a kaleidoscope of colour, to show the five colour groups we should aim to include in our diet.  The abundance of herbs is not only for culinary purposes but to attract beneficial insects.  There are lots of daisy and umbel flowers which attract both pollinators which are vital for good vegie cropping, and insect predators which eat insect pests.
The woven grape vine balls falling from the season is really just pure whimsy, perhaps it could symbolise inspiration from pouring in from above!!!!

This area also features a gabion wall fire pit and bench.  Gabion cages and walls are a great option for retaining and using up rocks or broken materials already on site.  Surrounding them and the Snugglepod is a good diversity of plants for year round colour and interest.  There are a number of large trees dotted through the garden.  As our climate becomes hotter and harsher having shade, especially natural shade will become more and more important.  I like deciduous trees as they shade us from the hot summer sun while allowing the precious winter rays of sunshine to shine through and warm us.

The adjoining garden area really demonstrates what is possible when you ‘Let your imagination grow wild’.  It features artistic creations made from recycled or repurposed materials and includes a bike wheel gazebo, a succulent bed, and brightly coloured raised beds made from repurposed fibreglass pipes.  This garden also features the bold use of bright colour in daring combinations such as cerise and teal blue, purple and orange, and brazen shades of red, orange and yellow.

I designed this garden to inspire you. Happy gardening! Sophie

S1_wide S1_wheels S1_veggies S1_succulants S1_pod S1_path S1_gabion

For more detailed images follow the links to the garden elements.

A brochure providing information about the elements of the garden is available to download here.

Follow the links to learn more about the garden elements.

  1. Embrace colour
  2. A backyard for kids
  3. Reduce - reuse - recycle
  4. Grow Produce
  5. Eating a kaleidoscope of colour
  6. Wicking beds
  7. Plant herbs and flowers for beneficial insects
  8. The importance of trees

Rossi Boots Show Garden Competition

Rossi_Musk_Leopard300    rossi boots male  Rossi Logo

Sophie's Patch will be giving away 4 fabulous prizes of Rossi boots (www.rossiboots.com.au) for people who visit ‘Let Your Imagination Grow Wild’ display at the Royal Adelaide Show (www.theshow.com.au).

Post your favourite image from my show garden 'Let Your Imagination Grow Wild' on either Facebook, Instagram or both including the required info below to be in the running to win.

rossi boots competitionA pair of ladies or men's Rossi boots (your choice) will be awarded for the 2 best images of the garden posted on Facebook and the 2 best images posted on Instagram over the 10 days of the show i.e. September 2nd – 11th September 2016 inclusive.  The 4 winners will be announced on Monday 12th September.  Sophie’s Patch reserves the right to be the sole judge of all winners.

In addition on Father’s Day (the first Sunday of the Show), September 5th, Sophie’s Patch and Rossi Boots are giving away two more pairs of men’s boots for pics on Facebook and Instagram posted on Father’s Day itself.  These two winners will be announced on Monday 5th September and Sophie’s Patch reserves the right to be the sole judge of all winners.
To qualify to win these fabulous South Australian made boots in any category, you need to use the following hashtags #sophiespatch #letyourimaginationgrowwild #showgarden #rossiboots #royaladelaideshow

The Facebook site is @Sophie Thomson public figure and the Instagram site is @SophiesPatch.

Supporting Organisations and Individuals

This garden has been created with support and help from many individuals and organisations.  Find out here a little more about them and how to contact them.